Suicide Squad Movie Cast Announced – Our Comic Picks

Suicide Squad Movie Cast Announced – Our Comic Picks

Warner Bros. announced Tuesday the lineup for the Suicide Squad movie, scheduled for an August 5, 2016 release.

Here’s the official list:

Jared Leto – The Joker

Will Smith – Deadshot

Tom Hardy – Rick Flag

Margot Robbie – Harley Quinn

Jai Courtney – Boomerang

Cara Delevingne – Enchantress

Rumor has it Jesse Eisenburg is in talks to play Lex Luthor. The story focuses on a team of super villains given a chance at redemption by the government with one twist – it’s a suicide mission.

Suicide Squad for Fun

Read the story of the “new” Suicide Squad from the New 52 in Trade Paperback Form. Volume One will get you started and save you some $$$.

Suicide Squad for Profit

Following the Movies-Comics-Cash idea, the best chance to cash in is on first appearances. Let’s take a look. Take a look for these Suicide Squad Movie Comic Tie-ins on E-Bay.

The Joker – The iconic Batman villain makes his first appearance in none other than Batman #1

Deadshot – Deadshot made his true first appearance way back in Batman #59. The character has gone through many iterations, but if you want the first, this is it.

Rick Flag – Again, way back in Brave and the Bold 25 (along with the original Suicide Squad, see below)

Harley Quinn – Harley comic books are on fire even though this character really made her first appearance in a tv show. First comic book appearance? Batman Adventures #12

Boomerang – Go back to the Silver Age to find this character’s first appearance in Flash #117

Enchantress – Again a character with a very complicated past, but appeared for the first time in Strange Adventures #187

and don’t forget

Amanda Waller – Legends #1 (1986). Amanda is in charge of this team and fortunately is found in a relatively new comic book.

Brave and the Bold 25

Make sure you keep an eye on Suicide Squad appearances. The true first appearance is in Brave and the Bold 25, then again in Legends #3 (1987). Suicide Squad also appeared Secret Origins (vol. 2) #14. It looks like the movie will be true to the reboot in DC’s New 52.


Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer – Fun and Profit

Disney has released a Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer and the buzz is intense among fans. Little is shown but it looks promising. Check out the trailer below and then continue on for Comic Book Secrets Fun & Profit Picks!

Star Wars The Force Awakens – For Fun

Need to fulfill your Star Wars fix in anticipation of the 2015 release of the new movie? A great way is to revisit the original Marvel Star Wars comics but after years of laying dormant in price they are really starting to move. The next best thing? Fortunately Marvel is releasing a hardcover deluxe Omnibus edition collecting issues 1-44 and Annual 1 of the series. Be among the first to pick this up through a discounted pre-release on Amazon.

Would you rather watch the movies in HD glory? How about a Star Wars marathon of the complete Saga, episodes 1-6 on Blu-Ray?

Star Wars The Force Awakens – For Profit!

Star Wars comic book values have been dormant for years, but buzz about the new movie has finally started to move prices. We don’t know if any characters from the comics will be included in the new movie so it looks like most people have been concentrating on Star Wars #1, both the regular price edition and the 35 cent price variant (make sure you know how to spot an authentic 35 cent variant – not the reprint. I cover it in the Star Wars 1 Investment Survey). The best place to find Star Wars #1 issues? E-bay. Follow the link below.

Star Wars #1 For Sale

Great Gift Ideas for Comic Book Fans – 2014 Edition

I’m finally coming out of my Turkey induced food coma and there is no time better than the present to give you some gift ideas for comic book fans. These gift ideas range from under $20 and up and are separated into our Fun and Profit format. If you purchase from Amazon or Sideshow you’ll help support the site. Thanks in advance!

Here we go!

Comic Book Gifts for Fun!

Superheroes PBS Special in DVD or Blu-Ray – Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle, hosted and narrated by Liev Schreiber (X-Men Origins: Wolverine), examines the evolution of superhero characters and the comic book industry, chronicling how these inexpensive diversions became the foundation for a multi-billion dollar industry. Tons of interviews and great information.

Superheroes!: Capes, Cowls, and the Creation of Comic Book Culture
– This is the companion book to the PBS Superheroes DVD/Blu-Ray, but it’s also great as a stand-alone. Get them separately or together.

Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics 2015 – Do you want a gift that your comic book fan definitely won’t have? The latest edition of the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide won’t be released until December 9th, but through Amazon that’s plenty of time to receive it by Christmas. I know it can be difficult to buy for a comic book fan since you don’t know what they already have. This fits the bill and is a great gift for under $20.

Overstreet’s Comic Book Marketplace Yearbook 2014 – This is the mid-year update to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. I have a copy and I’m still going through it – a lot of information. Great articles and market reports from several dealers and collectors.

Overstreet Guide To Collecting Comics Volume 1 (Confident Collector) – Really well done and inexpensive resource for the beginning comic book collector. Covers all aspects of collecting comic books from grading, valuing and genre collecting, plus a lot more! I’ve enjoyed my copy.

Overstreet Guide To Collecting Comic & Animation Art (Confident Collector) – Is your comic book fan already 10 feet deep in comics? Maybe it’s time to branch out into the original art realm. This guide gives you all the information you need to begin your journey as an original art collector. What to look for, collector profiles and more.

75 Years of Marvel Comics: From the Golden Age to the Silver Screen – This giant book is expensive, but fortunately for the heavy discounting on Amazon you can pick this up for a lot less the MSRP. The reviews are glowing. It covers the history of Marvel Comics with extensive art and more. The DC version of this book is sold out, so now is probably the time to pick this up before it’s too late.

Marvel Captain America Marvel Premium Format(TM) Figure – Captain America is more popular than ever thanks to two feature movies and his starring role in the Avengers. The next chapter of the on screen Avengers is just around the corner and Sideshow just released this Premium statue in time for the holidays. The Premium limited edition is still available (total run of 3000) but the Exclusive Version is sold out and will have to be purchased on E-bay. If you are looking to spend this much on a gift, get the Premium Edition before it’s gone.

Comic Book Gifts for Profit!

There is no guarantee that these gifts will rise in value, but the last few years has been very good for rare comics and certain collectibles.

Sideshow Collectibles Captain America Exclusive Format Statue – This issue of the statue is sold out and already selling for higher than retail on E-bay. Limited Edition of 1000.

Comics for Upcoming Movies:

If you are willing to put in some time searching, E-bay is the place to find comic books related to upcoming movies. Here are some suggestions. I can’t guarantee future results, but they’re fun to own!

New Mutants 98 – The first appearance of Deadpool is hot due to his role in upcoming movies.

Fantastic Four 45 – First Inhumans. Marvel has announced an Inhumans movie to expand after Guardians of the Galaxy. Another hot comic book.

Star Wars #1 – Disney just released a teaser trailer for the return of Star Wars in 2015 and the buzz couldn’t be stronger. The 35 cent variant edition of this comic book is the “grail” issue (make sure you choose the correct one, not the reprint, learn how to tell them apart here), but the standard 30 cent edition is going strong too. Who knows what the future will bring? Go for high grade copies.

Well there you have it, a start to your Holiday shopping. Best of luck in your search and Happy Holidays from Comic Book Secrets!