Selling Your Comic Books – How to Get the Best Price (and not get ripped off!)

Thanks to many requests from readers and members of Comic Book Secrets, I’ve released the Comic Book Selling Secrets Special Report.

This report is a straight forward, easy to use and follow, no nonsense guide to getting the best price for your comic books.

Here’s a brief overview of what is covered:

* The 6 best places to sell your comic books – and why!
* When and how to sell.
* The single biggest mistake made when selling comic books
* The pitfalls, winning strategies, and how to protect yourself selling on Craigslist
* How you can save time and make maximize your profits on E-bay (detailed step-by-step guide!)
* How to protect yourself from the high bidder dealer scam – what it is and how to avoid it
* How to avoid losing money on the one book comic book dealers love to get for pennies on the dollar
* Plus, the most Frequently Asked Questions I receive from people just like you with detailed, time and money saving answers

The report is chocked full of information and covers all of the methods to sell your comic books and who is buying along with pros, cons and gotchas.

If you are looking to sell your comic books and get the best price (without getting ripped off!) this is the report for you.


Click Here to Pick Up Your Copy of the Comic Book Selling Secrets Special Report.

Donald Duck 222 – Closet Comic Book Gold

Our first installment of closet comic book gold comes from a very unlikely place, the world of Whitman Disney comic books!

One of the “grails” for Disney and Donald Duck collectors is issue #222. Many of you remember the packs of Whitman comic books found in grocery stores that were abused and overlooked. Now, Donald Duck 222 had risen from the racks to be worth a small fortune. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide lists the book for $310 in NM 9.2 condition. The latest results I’ve seen have it selling for about $260-$330 over the last few years.

Take a good look at the cover scan below and keep your eyes out for this hidden treasure!

Donald Duck 222

Happy 4th of July – Patriotic Flag Comic Book Covers

Happy 4th of July! Today is a great day to trot out some patriotic flag comic book covers.


Master Comics 40 Flag Cover

Superman 14 Patriotic Flag Comic Book Cover