Comic Book Master Course

Comic Book Secrets is happy to announce our upcoming Comic Book Master Course. Collecting over 35 years of comic book buying and selling experience, this course delves deep into the comic book collecting hobby.

One of my M.B.A. finance classes discussed how hard assets (art, gold jewelry, etc.) behaved versus the stock market during economic booms and busts. My interest in comics naturally led me to find out how comic books had performed over the years compared to stocks, gold, and the Consumer Price Index (CPI). My research covering almost 30 years of market behavior are at the core of this new course.

But that’s not all.

As an current or aspiring advanced collector or investor you want to know more.

Advanced collectors want to know

– How and where to buy comics for the best price
– How to sell for the best price
– Strategies for flipping comics for profit
– How to pick winners
– How to spot restoration
– How comics have performed in the past versus other investments

To answer these questions for you I’ve included virtually every product produced at Comic Book Secrets.

The core of the course is the Comic Book Secrets Master Class to Buying, Selling and Price Performance.

You’ll also get the Comic Book Values and Selling E-book, the video case study of buying and valuing collection, the entire Comics-Movies-Cash product (including video webinar) and much more.

How much will it be? The jury is still out!

The Comics-Movie-Cash product alone sold for $67.00.
The upcoming Comic Book Values and Selling Deluxe Product with Case Study is selling for $19.95
I’ve NEVER released the Master Course Book.

If you want to know when the Master Course with full investment performance will be released and how much, get on the free newsletter below for the latest updates. I’m in the final proofing now and the entire course will be released soon.