Wizard Top 5 Over 5 – The Value Reality

Wizard Magazine runs a popular section in their monthly price guide called “Top 5 Over 5”

I thought it would be fun to keep a tally of how they are doing online with some real sales.

Out picks for this time (Wizard price in “()” ):

– Batman: The Killing Joke ($40)
– Watchmen 1 ($35) (comic book movie tie-in – I like it)
– New Mutants 98 ($30) (ditto)
– New Mutants 87 ($15) (ditto)
– Uncanny X-men 266 ($40) (ditto)

Here are the results (make sure to click below for more issues):

P.S. Did you notice anything in common with these issues? Hint, hint…

2 Responses to “Wizard Top 5 Over 5 – The Value Reality”

  1. John Christall says:

    I have some badges from wizard comics dating back to the 1920s(6 of them). I would like to know if they have any value but do not know how to get tthem valued. Anyone got any idea how i can do this. Would really appreciate some help. Its driving me mad.

    • admin says:

      Try doing a search on E-bay or a basic Google search. You should be able to find some for sale and get an idea of what the current market price should be. Good luck!

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