The Future of the Comic Book Values?

The video below generated a discussion of the CGC forums and I thought you may enjoy it. Although it is about the baseball card market, there are some important points. Like most reporting, there author is trying to convey a very specific point that may or may not be true when all the evidence is evaluated. The original video generated comments about the high end sales still be strong in the baseball market, the low end is what has taken a hit. In my opinion, the extensive data I see in the comic book world shares a similar story. The high end and key issue market has been robust, but the for low to mid grade common issues for hard core collectors, it’s been a great time to buy.

I’m putting together a mid-2012 market summary that should be out next week. I’ll discuss some of the differences in the marketplace and how I recommend you make your purchases in that issue/audio. In the meantime enjoy this video below.

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  1. Dave Gieber says:

    Boy, it does seem that baseball cards have paralleled comic books. Looking forward to your video Sean!!

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