How are They Doing? Detective #27 Price Update

I’ve recently been going through some of my old Overstreet Comic Book Monthly back issues, and I thought it may be interesting to look old sales from the “High End Market Report” article and see how the books have performed over time.

The first comic book sale that caught my eye was any issue of Detective Comics #27 in GD/VG that sold for $24,750. These were the days before CGC, so it was a “raw” book, but assuming the grading was accurate this would equate to a 3.0 on the numerical scale.

So what’s the value of a Detective #27 in GD/VG or CGC 3.0 today?

Unfortunately this book is in such high demand and there are so few around, the last sale of a 3.0 copy was in 2003. It sold for about $34,000 (about a 3.6% rate of return). Go up to a 3.5 and fast forward to 2005 and you hit the $74,000 mark.

One of the problems of assessing the performance over time of specific sales is the lack of reliable grading data. CGC has given the industry a sort of a constant that we can refer to when making these assessments.

If anyone has sale data that is newer than 2003 for a GD/VG, please post it in the comments.

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  1. Ralph Culp says:

    I have a first edition Superman comic holding up a green Volkswagon. What is it worth? Ralph Culp

    • admin says:

      Does the comic say “famous first edition” on the cover? If so it is a reprint from the 1970’s that isn’t worth very much in average condition, but can bring in some cash if it is NM. If it is a true Action Comics #1 from 1938 it is quite valuable. I’d have to see a scan of the cover and get more details to give you a correct answer.

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