DC Error and Recall Comics

DC Universe: Decisions #1, All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder # 10, and Action Comics #869. Do any of these comic books mean anything to you? These are the famous error or recall comic books released in September 2008.

Curse words, alcohol consumption, skits on Conan O’Brien are all part of the hype and craziness behind this mistake from DC. DC didn’t initially recall the books, but asked retailers to destroy their copies. Of course, any self-respecting entrepreneur couldn’t do something that crazy, collectors would be willing to pay top dollar for these books on the open market and they did.

But now that a few months have passed since the initial hype how have prices on these comic books held up? I’ve included the latest E-bay sales below. Keep track of these if you are interested in dealing with these books. If you happen to come across one or more, be ready to take advantage, but be careful, the trend on moderns has typically been down.

In any event, this event has been a lot of fun to watch #$%$$!!!

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    Such superb analysis! No idea how you managed to write this text..it’d take me days. Well worth it though, I’d suspect. Have you considered selling ads on your website?

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    Great idea. Just what the world needs… :)

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