August 19 Weekly Sales Highlight – Amazing Fantasy 15

This week an Amazing Fantasy 15 CGC 3.0 (1st Spider-man) sold for $5,926.00 after decent bidding on E-bay. This is an average price for the book this year.

A copy of USA Comics #10 in CGC 7.0 also sold for $3,938. These Timely comics, especially with Captain America, continue to sell for impressive premiums.

High grade Silver continues to impress. Journey into Mystery #100 in CGC 9.6 (highest graded copy) sold for $3,341.

I’ve also seen some impressive bidding on high grade Bronze. I was the underbidder on two copies of a specific issue I wanted to upgrade from my teen years, both going well over the previous GPA highs. I guess I’ll have to keep at it.

I’ve sold some mid to low grade Silver Age books and I noticed better than normal activity. All in all it looks like the market is fairly robust if priced correctly.

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