Action Comics #1 Breaks the $2 Million Mark!

Action Comics #1 in CGC 9.0 condition sold for $2.1 million last month. This was the highest-graded, publicly certified copy of Action Comics #1 – the book featuring the first appearance of Superman was auctioned by for $2,161,000. The bidding for the issue closed at 7:25 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2011, after 50 bids.

ComicConnect sold the first of them, a CGC-certified 8.0 copy of Action Comics #1, February 22, 2010, for $1 million.

This copy was reported stolen from the home of a prominent West Coast collector in January 2000. While ComicConnect did not name the former owner in promoting their auction, it was widely noted by sources ranging from comic industry websites to The Hollywood Reporter and MTV to have been actor Nicholas Cage.

Metropolis Chief Executive Officer Stephen Fishler and Chief Operating Officer Vincent Zurzolo immediately recognized the copy when it was rediscovered in April 2011 after an as-yet-unidentified man purchased the contents of an abandoned storage locker in southern California.

Action Comics 1 CGC 9.0

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