A Comic Book Value Website to Visit


I want to recommend a website for those of you looking for “true comic book values.” Jon R. Warren runs the I Collect Comics website and the associated “Prices Realized Database.” I don’t know Jon, but I like the product he is producing. On the Prices Realized page of his site he states:

Price Guides are opinion, Prices Realized are facts.

Now this is a guy I can agree with!

I included a little scan that will be a blast from the past for him and many collectors out there. Jon used to produce “Comics Source” magazine in the 1990’s. It followed his statement above and reported actual sales. This isn’t fluff with an agenda that is distributed by so many dealers. This is the real deal.

Comics Source Comic Book Values

The only problem I had with the site is it wouldn’t allow me to become a member. When I filled out the data I received an error and I couldn’t get it to work. I attempted to input the data again, but then it told me I was already a member, but I couldn’t log in. You may have different luck, as obviously over 7,000 people have been successful. Let me know how it works for you. The members data may also be more up to date once you are inside.

I hope Jon keeps up with this effort, it’s a great resource for the comic book collecting community.

Comic Book Price Guide at I Collect Comics .com – Comic Book Collector’s Portal. Free Comic Book price guide, prices realized, image galleries, and much more.

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