Super Comic Book Storage Tip

Looking for a great way to store (and preserve) your comic books? A great idea was floated on the CGC forum and I wanted to share it with you.

One of the downsides to traditional bagging and boarding is you can’t see the back of the stored comic book without taking it out of it’s bag. Of course, every time you remove the comic you risk damage, so most collectors have to decide whether to ignore looking at the back or take the risk. What to do?

The solution is to put the comic book in a Mylite (1 mil) bag with a piece of piece of microchamber paper and tape closed. Then put the comic into a Super Golden Age size Mylar Snug (usually 4 mil thick) with a backing board. This storage method protects the comic book and gives support, but still allows you to take the comic out of the snug and inspect the back without actually touching the book. The microchamber paper is what CGC uses to help with the off-gassing of the comic book paper in a sealed environment.

This method is ingenious!

Obviously you want to use this on your more valuable comics, it would be overkill for anything less. I’m working on converting my books now.

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  1. David says:

    Hi again Sean, I found a way around this years ago. I have used the microchamber paper as cgc uses it and then put the book in a mylite I OR II, and just slide it into a larger polypropylene bag with a backer board. I find this is just fine for viewing moderate value books. The mylar keeps the poly bag plasticizers from migrating to the book anyway so why not? Your double mylar method is best of course for high grade and high value books. All the best.

    Dave M

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