Comic Book Storage Secrets – Microchamber Paper

It’s unfortunate for us comic book collectors, but our perishable paper comic books are facing two very persistent enemies – time and the environment.  Comic books were always meant to be perishable and quickly disposed of, so the early issues were made of the worst possible paper.  If you read the earlier post about the super storage tip, you saw the basics of the two stop system for keeping your non-CGC or PGX comics in perfect shape.  Today we’ll talk about and link to some example about why microchamber paper is so important.

Microchamber paper is used to absorb the off-gassing that occurs when paper ages.  Although the process slows if you keep your comics in a cool, dark environment, it still occurs.  I urge you to take a look at some examples of how using microchamber paper can help your collection.

Take a few seconds and click on the links below (they will open in a new window or tab).

Effect of Microchamber Paper on Vintage Paper and Newsprint (make sure to scroll down on the page)

The Chemistry Behind the Process (if you are really serious about this and want to know the nuts and bolts)

As you can see in the experiments and pictures, the benefits of microchamber paper are impressive to say the least.  If you are now going to insert a few sheets into every comic of your collection, at least insert them into your most valuable books stored by the super storage tip.

If you are looking to purchase microchamber paper you can check it out on Google, look at this thread on the CGC forums, or the Amazon links below.



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