Wizard Comic Book Price Guide Modern Hot 10 – How are they doing?

From time to time I like to check the actual selling prices for the “hot books” in the Wizard magazine comic book price guide. Make sure you read my comments about the modern titles below. The titles for today are:

Wizard’s Top 5 Over 5
Watchmen 1
New Mutants 98
New Mutants 87
GI Joe 155
Batman: The Killing Joke

Selected Hot 10
Spawn 185
Ultimatum 1 (McGuinness Variant)
GI Joe A New Beginning 0 (Templesmith variant)
Batman 681 (Daniel Variant)

I’m very concerned for anyone purchasing the modern comics as an “investment.” If you notice, most of the comics are variant covers. In my opinion, once again, this looks like a manufactured collectible. If you study the prices of newsstand comic books over the past few years, the variants are the “valuable” issues. I put valuable in quotations because the value is fleeting. I think you are play hot potato with these books. History has shown a quick rise and a sudden plunge in price. Personally, it’s a game I don’t play. Consider yourself warned.

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  1. This sickens me. Such a great show and such disrespect for the shows followers. Why bother watching new programs anymore? I’m disappointed in AMC and the cancelling of the show…keeping my fingers cross in hopes that AMC would reconsider. I was looking forward to watching where the writer’s were going to take us….

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