The Comic Book Price Guide Industry Bible – Overstreet

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has long been considered the “bible” of the industry. There is no argument it is one of the best sources for comic book research and the first place to look to see if your books have any value at all. This guide has been dubbed the premier reference source for casual and die-hard collectors since 1970.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get a digital copy of this industry-standard book. It is downloadable now for only $25. You can get it all on your computer with just the click of a mouse.

I use this downloadable version extensively. It is easy to search for information and prices, no flipping through pages and manually searching. The downloadable version currently only works with a PC, but a Mac version is coming soon.

Click Here to Get a Copy!

Overstreet Price Guide Download

2 Responses to “The Comic Book Price Guide Industry Bible – Overstreet”

  1. Vern says:

    I have an Overstreet a few years old. Should I buy a new updated edition???

    Is it worth the $25.00 ???

    • admin says:

      Which edition is it? Serious collectors usually purchase each edition, but it isn’t a necessity. I use it primarily for reference on characters, first appearances, etc., and look to online sources for the freshest prices. I also enjoy reading the latest market reports. If your edition is several years old, or if you were new and didn’t have one at all, I would definitely say it’s worth it. You’ll have to decide. Hope this helps – Sean

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