Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide – 41st Edition Download and Review


The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is a must have for any serious or beginning collector as well as anyone who has a significant amount of comics to value. Now on their 41st edition, the “Guide” is chocked full of more prices, values, and information than ever. Let’s dive right into the review. Make sure to watch the video as you read along!

What is the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Digital Download?

Quite simply, the download version is the full text of the print copy of the latest Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It includes everything, but can be loaded on your PC or Mac desktop or laptop for instant access without lugging the print copy around. It is also has a search function to assist your research.

Who Should Buy the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide?

If you are a collector, either new or seasoned, this is a must have for your library. Beyond retail prices and values of comic books, the guide contains a wealth of research information.

If you are just trying to find out if comics you own or have obtained are worth something (either for sale or insurance appraisal) you have a decision to make. If you only have a few comics you want to find values for, I recommend using our Instant Comic Book Values Page. It is simple to use and free.

If you have a lot of comics, say a few dozen or more, then you may want to consider downloading a copy of the price guide. It will speed up the pricing process and give you other important information we’ll discuss later in the review.

What’s in the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide

The price guide contains over a thousand pages of information, but let’s look at a few important sections.

The digital edition contains an easy to use menu or abbreviated table of contents along the right hand side (you can see it in the video). This is the main method I use to access sections of the guide.

The first section to note is the market report. This contains a review of the past year from respected collectors and dealers. They are interesting to read and gain a sense of the comic book market over the past year. Be advised, many of these are from dealers so they may have their own agenda. The market report also contains a cross section of actual comic book sales realized over the past year. This is important information since it isn’t speculation but hard data.

Next we have the grading definitions. If you are a beginner this section is particularly important. It contains basic descriptions of how to grade the condition of a comic book. The basic descriptions are given in numerical and text from 10.0 Gem Mint down to 0.5 Poor.

The meat of the guide is the pricing information and this is broken down into Big Little Books, Promotional Comics, The Pioneer Age (1500-1828), the Victorian Age (1646-1900), the Platinum Age (1883-1938) and the Golden Age (1930’s to now).

The section you will probably use most is the Golden Age, as this is what we recognize as a modern comic book. This section is broken down alphabetically by title, then issue number and finally values given by grade or condition. The video walks through how to use the guide to find a comic book value.

That’s the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide in a nutshell. You can download a copy of it here for $30.00.

Remember, with the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide you’ll receive:

  • The Comic Book Market Reports
  • The Grading Definitions
  • Values for virtually every comic book ever published – from Action Comics to Zoot!
  • Thousands of pages of research information on character first appearances, artists, writers and more
  • Any entire one stop reference for comic books for only $30.00

Click Here to Get Your Copy of the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Download

P.S. If you would like to find out more about discovering the value of your comic books, how to defend against some of the shortcomings of the guide, and how to sell your comics books, check our our complementary comic book value and selling course.