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5 Comic Book Sleepers

There has always been a fascination in the comic book collecting hobby for “sleepers” – those comic books that may be currently overlooked and undervalued, poised for explosive sales growth. It’s a lot of fun to try and predict the future, so today I’m going to try my hand with 5 comics that may be […]


Disney Marvel Purchase = More Comic Book Back Issue Picks

It looks like the Disney purchase of Marvel will be completed and now we need to sort out what this means to collector/investors in the comic book hobby. A recent article discusses some lesser known Marvel characters may be brought to the big and little screen. The implications of this could be huge for the […]


X-men 118 and Wolverine 2

If Wolverine 2 becomes a reality it looks like there is a very good chance X-men 118 will be a key issue connected to the comic book movie. In this issue Wolverine meets Mariko and if you believe Shuler Donner the relationship will be a key part of the story. If you see this issue […]