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CGC Mobile Verification Tool

I’m happy to announce that CGC has introduced a mobile certification tool! This is similar to the product offered for coin collectors and an important addition to the hobby. They have also announced there will be several enhancements in the coming year including the ability to purchase grade notes. You can visit the mobile verification […]


How to Crack Open a CGC Case

Are you tired of looking at a prized comic book behind a sealed piece of plastic? Would you like to once again hold a comic book in your hands and flip through the pages? How about pressing and resubmitting your comic for a better grade? If you answered yes to any of these questions or […]


CGC Pre-Screening

If you are looking to save some money on CGC submissions you owe it to yourself to look at using their pre-screening service. CGC requires a minimum submission of 50 comics to use the service. You can set any grade level you would like up to 9.8, and they will fully grade the comics that […]