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Comic Book Gold – How to Spot Valuable Comic Books

Do you want to know if your comic book is worth some real money? Maybe you’ve acquired a book from a relative, found a comic in an attic, flea market, estate sale, garage sale or while cleaning out the house? Is there a quick way to decide whether it is valuable or not? While no […]


Closet Comic Book Gold – The Uncanny X-men

In this edition of closet comic book gold we’ll look at one of the most popular superhero teams of all time, the X-men. Now you may be saying, “hey, everyone knows about the X-men, that’s no secret” but that is why I am covering them – hang with me for a few moments. The wonderful […]


Strange Tales 110 – Closet Comic Book Gold

In this edition of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll examine a comic I have seen several times at Flea Markets and is a gem waiting for the savvy collector. Strange Tales 110 really doesn’t look like anything. The cover in no way lets the reader know what importance lurks inside. Add to this the often […]