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Mile High Comics Changes Pricing Structure

UPDATE! – Apparently this was too good to be true and if there are comics on the Mile High site that have been reduced as the news stated, I couldn’t find them.  As of now I can’t recommend. Bleeding Cool has reported that Mile High Comics, Chuck Rozanski’s famous comic book store, will make a […]


How to Buy Discount Comics on E-bay

Do you want to buy comic books for deep discounts on E-bay? Here are a few tips. Misspell the Title If a seller misspells the title there are usually very few watchers, nobody can find the comic! This is your chance to find a deal. I doesn’t happen often, but when it does you could […]


Save Money on Comic Books

Want to save money on old comic books? Here’s and interesting strategy for collectors to consider. Abandon the Local Comic Book Store Many of us miss the days when you could go to the local comic book store and pick up nice looking books for a reasonable price. unfortunately, due to the Internet and E-bay, […]