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The CGC Census and What it Means to You

Every market is driven by supply and demand and the rare and collectible comic book market is no different.  Minuscule differences in grade can mean the difference between thousands of dollars of value and final sales prices.  With this reality where can the serious collector or investor go for information?  Enter the CGC census. Since […]


Jack Kirby Art – Advanced Comic Book Collecting and Investing

Jack Kirby is one of the most famous and iconic artists in the world of comic books, with art starting in the 1940’s and spanning decades. For collectors he remains one of the most desired and collected artists. Because of his popularity his art continues to bring top prices for investment purposes. His work with […]


Brave and the Bold #28 Value and Investment Survey

Brave and the Bold #28 is one of the most valuable comics of the Silver Age containing the first Justice League of America. Copies of this comic range from $1,100 to $1,300 in the CGC 4.0 range to $60,000 plus in CGC 9.4. Raw copies sell for less depending on the reliability of the seller […]