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Closet Comic Book Gold – Action Comics 285

Do you have gold in your closet? In this installment of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll look at a common title that many people may miss. Action Comics featured Superman for most of the run, and because of this popular character many casual fans picked these comics up off the newsstand. A significant number of […]


Donald Duck 222 – Closet Comic Book Gold

Our first installment of closet comic book gold comes from a very unlikely place, the world of Whitman Disney comic books! One of the “grails” for Disney and Donald Duck collectors is issue #222. Many of you remember the packs of Whitman comic books found in grocery stores that were abused and overlooked. Now, Donald […]


Do You Have Comic Book Gold in Your Closet?

Do you have comic book gold in your closet? Most folks know to look for first issues hoping for an uncovered comic book gem that will yield a small fortune. But did you know there are many other lesser known issues, found in many collections, that could bring you a tidy profit? It’s true! Whether […]