Green Lantern #76 For Sale, Value, Prices Realized and Investment Survey

Green Lantern #76 values have been going through the roof for some time and this comic has shown itself to be one of the most sought after issues of the Bronze Age.

Green Lantern 76 For Sale Picture

Green Lantern #76 Values have been rock solid

Why has this book become such a hot commodity? Neal Adams and the beginning of the Green Lantern and Green Arrow series is the reason.  Movies and tv have made this duo even more popular, and the successful CW Arrow show only helps.

For Profit
The highest graded copies of this comic are CGC 9.8 and one sold for $37,344 in 2010.  Looking for something a little less expensive?  Try CGC 4.0 copies at around $175.

For Fun
In it for pure fun?  Skip the actual comic all together and pick up the Green Lantern/Green Arrow archives and read one of the best runs in the history of the characters. The archive reprints issues #76-#82.

If you are a Bronze Age or key issue collector, this is a must have comic.

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