Flash Comics #1 Value, Investment Survey and Copies For Sale

In this value and investment survey we’ll talk about one of most valuable comics of the Golden Age, Flash Comics #1.

Flash Comics #1

Flash Comics #1 January 1940

Flash Comics #1 is the Golden Age first issue of the every popular Flash. The Flash has survived the Golden, Silver and Modern ages, as well as reasonably successful (if not corny) television show.

The Flash has gone through several iterations over the years, but the issue we’re talking about here is the Golden Age edition. His popularity experienced a resurgence in the Silver Age with Showcase 4, the subject of another of our investment surveys.

In 2010 the Mile High copy of Flash Comics #1 sold $450,000. Copies in the VG to VG+ condition have sold for just under $12,000 as recently as 2010. Like any of these old, rare issues, they are not offered for sale frequently and you absolutely must be careful of restoration.

The Flash remain an popular figure and it’s value gives it a solid position on our most valuable comics list. DC is determined to bring him back into the modern era of movies in television with a tv series slated for October 2014. One to watch.

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