Detective Comics #27 out of Sacramento

Today’s Sacramento Bee (10/29/2010) featured a story about a local man who has a copy of Detective 27 up for auction at Heritage (good choice!). You can read the story here. Since I live in the Sacramento area my wife and I found this article very entertaining.

Robert Irwin is the original owner, he remembers buying the comic book in 1939 from a Sacramento market. He left the comic in a box for 55 years, squeezed between copies of a National Geographic and Mechanics Illustrated he also bought on that trip. He almost sold in 1992 to a local comic shop but his wife talked him out of it. Now, almost 20 years later it is up for auction.

The comic graded CGC 7.0 FN/VF with off-white pages. I’ll be tracking the book and it’s final realized price. There will be an update after the signature auction closes in November. You can see the book here.

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  1. Well, this kind of hits home. I lived in Sacramento for a while and subscribed to the Bee. Sure would be nice to come across a comic of that caliber. I just purchased an older collection of 650 comics, but alas, no hidden gems. There are many published before 1974 and a few in the ’60s, but they are low on the condition scale and worth 10 to 20 dollars each. I will keep looking though.


    • admin says:

      I’ve looked at the book on the Heritage website and it really is a nice copy. What I also find amazing is that the owner purchased that particular comic book. How many others would be worth very little today? He hit the jackpot as a kid and didn’t even know it! Great story.

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