Amazing Adventures #11 Value and Investment Survey

Amazing Adventures #11 is the first “new” Beast. In this issue he turns blue and there is a flashback to his origin. Because of the importance of the Beast in the X-men universe and difficulty of finding this edition in high grade with it’s black cover, it remains a sought after Bronze Age comic.

Amazing Adventures #11 has only 2 copies in CGC 9.8, with the last one selling in 2009 for over $7,300! A 9.6 copy sold in 2012 for about $750, illustrating just how much small difference in condition can bring. Lower grade issues, while still highly desirable, sell for much less.

The high grade rarity and importance of the Beast give this a solid position as a key Bronze Age comic. Below you’ll find Amazing Adventures #11 for sale and I highly suggest checking out our free course on buying key comics for pennies on the dollar.

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