Action Comics #1 For Sale and Value Survey

Action Comics #1 has been one of the most desirable comic books in the entire hobby and is one of the most valuable comic books according to the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

Action Comics #1 For Sale at a Discount Now

Action Comics 1

Action Comics 1 The Million Dollar Comic Book

Why It’s Important – The origin and first appearance of Superman, the Man of Steel. Need I say more?

Price and Value Trends – this book has been on a tear hitting the $1 million dollar mark in 2010

Investment Potential – Action Comics #1 is considered a “blue chip” comic investment. It’s rarity and desirability keep it in the upper echelon of comic book investments. Collecting and investing trends come and go, but it is difficult to envision a scenario where this book isn’t still one of the most important books in comics.

Action Comics #1 For Sale at a Discount Now

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