A Sleeper Awakes – Iron Man 55 Finally Hits it Big!

Iron Man 55, first Thanos, has long been called a “sleeper” issue ready to rise further into the stratospheric heights of key comics, but although a key and more expensive than surrounding issues, this comic hasn’t really hit the big time – until now.

!!!!Potential Spoiler Alert!!!!

The rumor patrol says the upcoming Avengers movie hints at Thanos as the next villain. We’ll see on Friday, but Iron Man #55 did break out this week.

The Iron Man #55 Breaks Out

On April 30th a CGC 9.6 copy of Iron Man #55 finished at $1,424. The winning bidder has 0 feedback, we’ll see if final payment is actually made. Looking at the bid history there was a more reliable bidder that chimed in with a max bid of $1,399. We’ll see if the winning bid holds. The previous high bid was around $899.

The importance of this comic was mentioned back in November in the “Avengers Movie Gets a New Villain?” post. It will be fun to watch this play out.

You can find other copies of Iron Man #55 for sale here and check out my Iron Man 55 Value and Investment Survey here.

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