Strange Tales 110 – Closet Comic Book Gold

In this edition of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll examine a comic I have seen several times at Flea Markets and is a gem waiting for the savvy collector.

Strange Tales 110 really doesn’t look like anything. The cover in no way lets the reader know what importance lurks inside. Add to this the often beat up black cover and you have the makings of a comic that most people would toss aside.

But what a mistake that would be!

Strange Tales 110 introduces Dr. Strange to the world. He has been a supporting character and hasn’t achieved the fame of say, Spider-man, but don’t dismiss this survivor. Add to this the fact that even beat up 4.0 graded copies of this comic book bring well over $250 on a consistent basis and we have a real closet winner.

Take a close look at the cover of this often overlooked comic book and start searching!

Strange Tales 110 For Sale – Values – Prices

Strange Tales 110

Strange Tales 110

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