Closet Comic Book Gold – Action Comics 285

Do you have gold in your closet? In this installment of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll look at a common title that many people may miss.

Action Comics featured Superman for most of the run, and because of this popular character many casual fans picked these comics up off the newsstand. A significant number of these comics aren’t worth very much, but there are a few hidden gems that can bring a pretty penny, even in lower conditions. One issue that jumps out is Action Comics 285. If you look at the picture below it doesn’t look like much, just your typical Superman and Supergirl cover. But there is more than meets the eye!

Action Comics 285 reveals Supergirl’s identity to the world (big deal), but also has a bonus cameo from John F. Kennedy and Jackie. With all the fanfare over the Barack Obama comic books, this is a fun Presidential comic book to own and is very easy to overlook.

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide lists this for $350 in NM- 9.2, but the last copies in 9.2 condition have sold for a minimum of $600!

Keep an eye out for this piece of closet comic book gold!

Action Comics 285 For Sale – Values – Prices


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