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Comic Book Storage Secrets – Microchamber Paper

It’s unfortunate for us comic book collectors, but our perishable paper comic books are facing two very persistent enemies – time and the environment.  Comic books were always meant to be perishable and quickly disposed of, so the early issues were made of the worst possible paper.  If you read the earlier post about the […]


The CGC Census and What it Means to You

Every market is driven by supply and demand and the rare and collectible comic book market is no different.  Minuscule differences in grade can mean the difference between thousands of dollars of value and final sales prices.  With this reality where can the serious collector or investor go for information?  Enter the CGC census. Since […]


What Size Mylar Bag Should You Use?

Do you every wonder what size comic bag (especially Mylar) you should use for your comic books?  Should you go with Modern, Silver, Standard, Gold or Super Golden Age? They aren’t cheap, so it’s frustrating when you try to fit that 1970’s comic in a Mylar bag only to find out it’s too small. Well […]