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Comic Verification Authority – CVA

Last year a new comic book grading service emerged on the collecting/investing scene.  The company is called Comic Verification Authority or CVA.  According to their website their mission is: CVA’s mission is to enable collectors, dealers, and investors with a wide range of experience levels to quickly and easily identify examples with outstanding relative eye appeal. In […]


5 Good Signs for the Comic Book Market (and Collector/Investor!)

I saw this article (read it here) about 5 reasons comic books are currently thriving.  There are a few reasons we’ve seen impressive returns in rare, collectable comic books in the past few years, and in my opinion the continued popularity of the characters and stories no matter what medium they are portrayed is one […]


Amazing Adventures 11 Investment Analysis Video


Amazing Adventures #11 contains the first “new” Beast in his animal-like form.  It also contains a flashback to his origin.  This issue has been popular not only due to the popularity of the Beast in the X-men universe, but also because of the difficulty of finding this second tier title in high grade condition with […]