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Comic Book Value Mistakes – Under Values

In my Comic Book Value and Selling Secrets guide I talk about what is thought to be the most common value mistake, overvaluing. Even though this is a common mistake, especially with novices, you still need to be careful not to undervalue your comics. A recent E-bay auction serves as a perfect example. Dynamic Comics […]


Lobo’s Future on the Big Screen

Will Lobo make it to the big screen? Is he the next DC character movie announcement? Here are some of the latest rumors: The movie may be set on Earth The Rock may play Lobo Brad Peyton will direct Keep an eye on issues of Omega Men #3 (June 1983), see here.


Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books Video by Mark Zaid of Esquire Comics

Mark Zaid of Esquire Comics presented a fantastic lecture for any fan of comic book history at the Yale Law School.  You can watch the video below. Mark gives some basic history of how the modern comic book came to be, how trademarks and copyrights were secured and much more.  The lecture was titled “Superheroes […]