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Brave and the Bold #28 For Sale

Brave and the Bold #28 for sale at discount prices! This is the first Justice League intro and one the most valuable comics of the Silver Age. Take a look at my Brave and Bold 28 Value and Investment Survey here. Find out how to get Brave and Bold #28 and other key issue for […]


Comic Book Secrets Update 5/21/2012

It’s been a couple of interesting weeks for the collectible comic book world. The Avengers movie has been a hit and I managed to make a showing with my boys on Monday after the opening weekend. I think they did a great job with the movie and it was a blast to watch. I also […]


Comic Book Sales Update

Here are some interesting sales that occurred on E-bay during the last week: Fantastic Four #55 CGC 9.2 (Stan Lee autograph, CGC signature series) – $610.00 Superboy #1 CGC 4.0 – $1,225.00 Amazing Spider-man #1 Raw, G/VG – $1,400 The Walking Dead #1-95, First Printings NM – $2,800 Tales of Suspense #39 (1st Iron Man) […]