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Four Events that Rocked Comic Book Values

The following is a small excerpt from the upcoming Comic Book Master Course. Before we get into the comparison of stocks, gold and comics, there are four major events that had a very serious effect on comic prices. Look at the appendices and you will begin to see some large jumps in prices over different […]


Walking Dead on the Move

Walking Dead comics books from Image have been on fire, help by the incredible popularity of the tv show. High grade copies are the issues to own, with the CGC census showing over 300 in CGC 9.8 and a handful in CGC 9.9. The comic book series started in 2003 and the popularity is greater […]


Amazing Adventures #11 Value and Investment Survey

Amazing Adventures #11 is the first “new” Beast. In this issue he turns blue and there is a flashback to his origin. Because of the importance of the Beast in the X-men universe and difficulty of finding this edition in high grade with it’s black cover, it remains a sought after Bronze Age comic. Amazing […]