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The Comic Book Money Printing Machine – Legally Cheating CGC

The condition of a comic book is one of the key elements of the value and ultimately the final selling price. Before CGC, grading was the source of many arguments in the comic book community. Agree with CGC or not, they have provided an impartial third party to arbitrate this touchy subject and provide a […]


Comic Book Movie Update – Looking Ahead in 2012

2012 is another big year for comic book movies. Let’s take a look at the agenda and our picks. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – Marvel Spotlight #5 and Ghost Rider #1 John Carter: Watching the Marvel Comics series from the 70’s The Avengers: Avengers #1 The Amazing Spider-man: More reasons why Amazing Fantasy #15 […]


Showcase 8 Value and Investment Survey

Showcase 8 contains the second Silver Age appearance of the Flash and has remained one of the most valuable comics of the age. It’s not the first appearance, so should you pursue this book as an investment? It depends. The comic is desirable for strict collectors and for completists. For strict investors my opinion is […]