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Comic Books a Hedge Against Financial Collapse?

It’s an interesting position, but the collectibles market is something Marc Faber mentions at about the 3 minute mark in the video below. We’ve seen some amazing prices for ultra rare keys and high grade books, but the lower grade non-keys have really collapsed over the last couple of years (good news for pure collectors). […]


Save Money on Comic Books

Want to save money on old comic books? Here’s and interesting strategy for collectors to consider. Abandon the Local Comic Book Store Many of us miss the days when you could go to the local comic book store and pick up nice looking books for a reasonable price. unfortunately, due to the Internet and E-bay, […]


Incredible Hulk 1 For Sale and Investment Survey

The Incredible Hulk #1 is a key issue in the Silver Age Marvel universe. The character has not only proven himself over decades of comics, cartoons, and movies, the value of this comic book has put it in the “blue chip”comic book investment category. Incredible Hulk #1 Value and Potential As long as comic books […]