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Comic Book Sales Update

Here are some updates of actual comic book sales from the last week on E-bay. I paying special attention to the Avengers. CGC is noted where applicable, “raw” means not professionally graded. Avengers #1 Apparent 9.0 (raw) $999.00 Avengers #4 CGC 6.5 $1,211.00 Amazing Spider-man #129 CGC 9.8 $4,850 Batman #52 CGC 7.0 $820.00 Fantastic […]


Comic Book Restoration – What is It?

Comic book restoration is a hot topic among collectors, but what is it? The video below gives the answer. Comic Book References: What is comic book ‘restoration’?


Silver Age Key Value and Sales Trends – The Highs and Lows

Last week I discussed the complete slapdown some Bronze Age keys have taken over the last few years. Today I want to look at Silver Age Keys and see if they are following the same trend. Let’s look at some numbers. Daredevil #1 I’ll start out with Daredevil because it highlights the risk you take […]