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ComicLink July Focused Auction

Are you looking to buy or sell high-grade or key comic books from the Silver Age to present? ComicLink’s July “Focused” auction is the place for you. Here is the link: ComicLink July Focused Auction The Comiclink website has this to say about the auction: PROSPECTIVE SELLERS: You can reserve your slots now for this […]


How are They Doing? Detective #27 Price Update

I’ve recently been going through some of my old Overstreet Comic Book Monthly back issues, and I thought it may be interesting to look old sales from the “High End Market Report” article and see how the books have performed over time. The first comic book sale that caught my eye was any issue of […]


Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Page Updated

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide Page has been updated. You can view the updates here: Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.