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Amazing Fantasy #15 For Sale, Value, Prices Realized and Investment Survey

Amazing Fantasy #15 is one of the most important and valuable comics of the Silver Age and recently sold for over $1 million. Why? The origin and first appearance of Spider-man. Amazing Fantasy #15 Currently For Sale Let’s look Amazing Fantasy 15’s current value, prices realized and issues for sale (and how you may score […]


Investor, Speculator or Gambler?

Are you buying comic books focused on the possible financial returns they may bring? If so, do you consider yourself an investor, speculator or are you just gambling? Do you know the difference? In over thirty years in the hobby unfortunately I would say many people are gamblers. Why? Let’s define each term and their […]


Should You Still Submit Books to CGC?

The CGC ad in the most recent Comic Buyer’s Guide really caught my attention. The typical CGC ad shows a raw or ungraded comic book and the seller’s description compared to a CGC graded comic book. Both prices are shown and inevitably the CGC graded comic sells for far more. What caught my attention in […]