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Dr. Strange First Disney/Marvel Comic Book Movie

It looks like Dr. Strange has been given the nod for the first comic book movie under the new Disney ownership of Marvel. I ran across more details here. I will follow up with some comic book picks very soon. Of course, those of you who have the comic book movie course were updated on […]


You Could Win an iPad!

Do you run a comic blog? Do you run any blog? Have you ever thought of running a blog? If so you owe it to yourself to read a great ebook from John Chow. John makes an amazing amount of money online with his blog and is basically the “blog monetization guru” in the online […]


The Most Valuable Comic Books

If you are a subscriber to the Comic Book Secrets Insider Newsletter you have read (and heard) my opinion about what comic books stand the best chance at holding or increasing their value. I wanted to piggyback on the newsletter and give everyone and easy to use tool to track or purchase these comic book […]