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Strange Tales 110 – Closet Comic Book Gold

In this edition of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll examine a comic I have seen several times at Flea Markets and is a gem waiting for the savvy collector. Strange Tales 110 really doesn’t look like anything. The cover in no way lets the reader know what importance lurks inside. Add to this the often […]


Closet Comic Book Gold – Action Comics 285

Do you have gold in your closet? In this installment of Closet Comic Book Gold we’ll look at a common title that many people may miss. Action Comics featured Superman for most of the run, and because of this popular character many casual fans picked these comics up off the newsstand. A significant number of […]


Upgrade Successful

The initial upgrade is successful! I know, the site doesn’t look quite the same. Now comes the fun part – making it look better and tweaking the design. Let me know what you think over the next few days and hopefully I’ll get to a highly functional design. Thank you for reading! Sean