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Find Comic Book Values – The Quick and Easy Guide to Value and Selling for the Best Price

The most common question I’m asked is “how much are my comic books worth?” followed immediately by “how to I sell them for the best price?” I want to give you the quick and dirty method to find out if you have a potential treasure in your comic books, and whether they are worth thousands […]


X-men Origins: Wolverine Comic Book Picks

Are you thinking outside the box with your X-men Origins: Wolverine comic book picks? We all know the obvious, Incredible Hulk 181, Wolverine #1 (both the mini-series and regular series). But what about some other characters? In the Comics-Movies-Cash System I talk about how some not so obvious picks have really racked up the returns. […]


X-men Origins: Wolverine TV Spots

X-men Origins: Wolverine is getting closer and there have been some impressive TV spots lately. You can watch the 3rd spot below. I’ll include the Wolverine movie comic book links I’m continuing to watch in the next post. Enjoy!