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Iron Man Giveaway is Live!

The Iron Man Giveaway is now live. Some details: Iron Man Giveaway Details Iron Man Giveaway Press Release Comics-Movies-Cash Free Course Winners will be announced starting tomorrow (September 30) – one per day.


Iron Man DVD Giveaway

The next giveaway will begin next week to coincide with the Iron Man DVD release. I’ll have the official press release and full details tomorrow. Until then you can look forward to 4 days of giveaways starting on September 30: – 2 copies of the Iron Man DVD – 1 Copy of the 2 disc […]


Stock Market Down? Check Out Comic Book Returns

So how are comic books doing in the down economy and on the heels of a huge stock market drop? Well, if this copy of Amazing Spider-man #1 is any indication, quite well. This particular copy sold for over $2,000 more than the previous high price this year. It’s impressive to say the least. Will […]