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Great Source for Upcoming Comic Book Releases

If you read or speculate on new comics off the stand, I want to let you know about a great resource for upcoming releases. Take a look at the ComixFan “Crystal Ball” forum and you’ll see the latest solicitations from Marvel and DC, plus discussions about the upcoming issues. There are several places to check […]


Classics Incorporated Provides New Services and Website

In a previous post I mentioned the great work Matt Nelson does over at Classics Incorporated. I just received this release from him: CLASSICS INCORPORATED ANNOUNCES NEW SERVICES AND WEBSITE Classics Incorporated is proud to announce the launch of our new interactive website this week! The system allows you to create your own work orders […]


Deadpool #1 – Does Marvel Have Big Plans for this Character?

Deadpool is back in the Marvel Comics Release – Read on for my buying opinions: The Merc with a Mouth is back and ready to kick butt in his brand new on-going series! Join the Crimson Nutcase, DEADPOOL, for action and wisecracks in Deadpool #1! As the Skrulls continue their attack on Earth, the world […]