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Collect Old Comics? You’ll love this page

If you are a collector of Gold or Silver Age comic books like myself, you will appreciate this page I stumbled upon. Take a look at all of these old comic books on the newstand! Jeff Delaney has some great stuff on his site, also check out the Pedigree article by Matt Nelson if you […]


Comic Book Movie Connection Online Seminar

Have you ever wondered about the connection between the comic book movie blockbusters and the actual comics and characters that drive the stories? Have the prices of the comic books been affected by these movies? On April 25, posted for 24 hours only, I am showing an online video seminar that will examine this connection […]


The Comic Book Price Guide Industry Bible – Overstreet

The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has long been considered the “bible” of the industry. There is no argument it is one of the best sources for comic book research and the first place to look to see if your books have any value at all. This guide has been dubbed the premier reference source […]