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New Comic Book Picks and Values – Testing the Price Guides

The number one topic I am asked to give my opinion about is comic book picks. This includes back issues and new issues. The problem I have with new comic book picks, and the reason I am very hesitant to give them, is selling the comic books for a decent price can be very difficult […]


Will Comic Book Values Crash?

There is a discussion that pops up every so often on many comic book collecting forums. That question is will comic book values crash? There is no arguing that comic book sales are nowhere near their peak in the 1940’s, or even the 1980’s and 1990’s. In the 40’s – 70’s most people read comics, […]


A Common Collector Mistake – Emotional Value

Do comic book collectors know the true value of their books or are they in denial? The truth is, there is a little of both going around.  The most common value mistake I’ve seen among collectors is to over-value their books! It only makes sense.  A collector looks at their books as more than dollars […]