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Captain America #33 – Hints at Captain America Returns?

Captain America #33 is due to ship next week (a week behind the original date).  Marvel says the end of this book will be a shocker and have huge ramifications in the future.  Should we be picking up this book?  If you haven’t already pre-ordered a hoard of these, be ready to grab a few […]


Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer and Comic Picks

The Batman: The Dark Knight Trailer is out today and you can see it here. It seems like a good time to look in on some of the comic book picks for the movie. Batman is difficult because most of the comics associated with the movie are so expensive. Is Detective 27 going to increase […]


Finding Comic Book Values Part 3 – The Guide

Once you have the comic book title, issue number and grade you are ready to find the price or value. But where should you look? Most people start with the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide. It’s a good place to start, but there are a few major issues with it. Let’s start with the positive […]