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E-bay Guest Buying – Big News for E-bay Comic Book Sellers

E-bay has just announced a “Guest Buying” program and if you are selling comic books on E-bay (and you should be!) this is a very big development. The program allows non-members to purchase products directly from you if certain criteria are met. The buyer does not have to be a registered E-bay user. This opens […]


Batman 6:The Dark Knight – The Joker Arrives

The first full picture of the Joker has appeared and you can view it here. The marketing for the movie has also gone viral with several sites being found on the web. Take a look here, and here.  Feel free to add more in the comments.


Are New Comics a Good Investment?

Is there any point in saving new comic books for the long haul? Should you “slab” them and hold on to fund some future purchase? This question gets thrown around all the time in online forums (along with when will the crash come, but that’s a topic for another day). My opinion is simple. No. […]