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Decide what type of comic book fan you are Part 2

If you’re a reader or speculator your goal is to purchase your new comic books for the lowest possible price.  For the speculator this is even more important because a few dimes can make or break you over a purchase of a hundred or so books.  The discount is nice for the reader, but a […]


Decide what type of comic book fan you are

If you really want to score some discounts on comic books and make the most of the hobby you need to decide what kind of fan you really are.  I think there are four basic categories.  You may fit into more than one, but we’ll get into that later. Which are you? The Reader – […]


Transformers Movie

I finally saw Transformers last night, and I must say it was a lot of fun to watch.  It was kind of a surprise delivery from Netflix since there was some kind of mix-up in my queue last week.  We sat down with the boys last night, fired up the X-Box 360 HD-DVD player and […]